You’ll find us where the paved roads end, where the ties of civilization loosen and where the known world fades to a hundred shades of green. Welcome to the redwood forest of northern California and to bnb hiouchi. On the banks of the Smith River and under the peaceful gaze of thousand-year-old redwoods, we’ve got rooms, food, books and beach. **WE’VE CLOSED THE BNB. ENJOY THE BLOG AND THE MEMORIES WE MADE!





BnB Hiouchi



River and Ocean

River and Ocean




Roadtrip the Coast

Come by the bnb and meet Curt, Meg and the people’s dog Molly (our sweet, older golden). Meg and Curt are city folk turned country. We miss our crew in Berkeley but the trees, trails, and rivers keep us busy. We’ve got no regrets living a life carved out of the redwood forest and the fast-moving Smith. Check us out sometime.

We’re located 10 miles east of Crescent City — six hours by car from Portland, eight hours drive from San Francisco and two hours west of Medford. The bnb sits on the banks of the Smith River, near the wood-covered bridge. The house is well-known locally but still feels like a secret hideaway.

The bnb is a quiet spot. We’ve got plenty of books, a long, rocky beach to walk on, a hot tub to soak in, and WiFi to stay connected. We quiet down around 9 and wake up to sound of birds not cell phones. A great place to connect with old-growth redwoods and towering fir.

Home cooking rules at the bnb — muffins, granola, homemade bread; panko-crusted salmon and tuna, salads, veggies and rice. Sometimes I cook on the range top, sometimes I let the slow-cooker do the heavy lifting. Meals are served family-style and guests generally like what’s on their plate. I can work with most dietary restrictions and there’s often wine or beer floating around (please bring your own). We eat healthy not fancy and focus on taste. I like to tell Meg “I take food very seriously.” Then on cue she’ll break in hysterical laughter. Hey, you decide!

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  • On sabbatical (temporarily) from roles in their own private Portlandia (where they play themselves!), Chris and Juli were loving the good air of the countryside.

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  • Ellen and Arthur — they keep the story rolling along by keeping us sane (Karen’s craft) and lively; a life lived to the rhythm of a syncopaded back-beat (all you, Arthur).

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