Contact Information

Address: Hwy 199, Hiouchi, California

Phone number: 510-967-4615


Who we are

I’m a city boy who traded hanging out in cafes and bookstores for swimming in the river, foraging for mushrooms and building not buying. Business-wise my background is a decade-plus of tech journalism followed by a few years in economic development. I lived a chunk of my life on the East Coast and in the SF Bay Area. Immediately before Hiouchi, along with Meg, I was a year in New Orleans and then Ft. Worth. Meg was born and raised in Japan and works as a RN in the local hospital.

Travel has been lifelong love of ours. Recent trips have taken us to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Japan. Favorite trips have been to Patagonia, Thailand, China, and Mexico. Most recently we spent two weeks in Spain. Bucket list destinations for us include Bali, Fiji, Iceland and Burma.

We make our home under the Redwoods, on the banks of one of the most beautiful and ecologically rich rivers in the world and just a short drive from fantastic biking, hiking, and beach-combing.

Curt, Meg, Molly